Project Echo

How can a brand truly listen and respond to its customers? 

This experience design project for a leading telco provider focused on designing moments that act as triggers for customers and employees interacting with an exciting new strategy.

Exploring what it means to really listen we started with people first, using the ‘Orange Box’ as a tool to uncover whats essential to people. Bringing ideas, sparked by what we’d heard to life through: making, prototyping and testing. This led to the development of new signature experiences across the complete customer and employee journey. 

The project was recognised by global research company Ipsos as: ‘customer centricity at its best’ and successfully launched in Paris in 2015.

Watch some videos of the project here and here.


Focus Brand experience, Design research
Service design, Brand architecture,
Visual identity, Retail experience,

Team Project completed
with the team at Wolff Olins,