How can you design an identity to reach an audience of 22.5 million? We completed a full rebrand including strategy, digital strategy and a new visual system for Alpha international.

Brands are normally afraid of questions because it makes them look unsure of their position. This was perfect for Alpha who want people to openly explore questions of the Christian faith. Alpha enables people to explore Christianity through its course run in 112 languages with an audience of over 22.5 million. Our aim was to design a brand that worked in 160 countries, across new digital platforms as well as low-tech environments.

The new brand was designed to be useful, adaptable, interactive and easily replicated with a logo that can be customised by anyone and a layout system that is easy to implement. The logo is a red question mark on an angle with a consistent dot allowing users to change the head of the question mark to any typeface. A different question each time.


Focus Visual identity, 
Strategic development,
Tone of voice

Team Freelance project completed
with: Campbell Butler, Robyn Butler,
Fleur Isbell and Ije Nwokorie.