Tandem Bank

Can people create their very own type of bank? Tandem was built from the ground up by a collaborative process with a community of future customers or ‘co-founders.’  

The brand came alive with an expression system born from a people-centred design process. A brand created for people, by people with a look and feel that disrupts the way banks traditionally project themselves.

When Tandem launched it had 100 co-founders. Within a year the number had grown to 10,000. Helping challenge consumer apathy by taking something that was tech-led and translating it into an experience that feels hand-crafted and friendly. Using their new brand Tandem smashed its crowd­-funding target in 15 minutes. 


Focus Visual design,
Brand experience

Team Project completed
at Wolff Olins, London with:
Gab Weichart, Rick Banks
Chris Moody, Katie Farrell,
Franc Falco, Natalie Bellis,
Mel Duarte